Avast Mac Security 2015 13.2

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User reviews for Avast Mac Security 2015

  • Great Antivirus for people who are Anxious...

    Really nice program to use, very efficient and detects plenty of new malware in the community, it also helped me get rid of Genieo, not installing genieo ever again, and never uninstall avast mac... More

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  • Don't install

    Well, it installs or runs some questionable tasks in the background and some are its own 'servers' (4 at last count) that tracks your stuff!!! You cannot get rid of them until you remove More

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    • 10
    Avast vs Sophos

    If Avast free, for MAC is anything like the pc version, it should be great. On my pc, I ran Windows 7, ($$$#0#$$$) used little system... More

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